Free Access

How to get free access

Go to the “Products & Prices” page and place an order (we do not ask for credit card information).  A free password will be provided that will apply to all services with the exception of StopsXL (see below for StopsXL).  Your order will enable us to set up your account.  We want you to place the order for the service in which you are most interested (so we can get a sense of the popularity of each service), but the password we issue will work with the other services as well.  After you order, we will provide  a password for you and important information about your subscription and what to expect.  Passwords are changed quarterly.  Once you are registered, if your password has not been de-activated, you only need to send us an Email asking for a new password once a quarter.  If your password has been de-activated, you will have to place a new order to continue with your subscription.  Passwords are de-activated if the subscriber does not confirm that he has the password and that he has been able to gain access to his subscription with it.  We schedule password changes to take place on the first day of January, April, July, and October.  When you send emails asking for subsequent passwords, please provide information that will let us know you are a current subscriber (for example, you could send your request from the same email address you used when you placed your original order or include your name).  We check requests to see if they come from people who have previously placed an order for access.  If you do not include your name and the email address does not match any in our records, the request will be ignored or denied.   The free StopsXL password must be ordered separately. 
      To access the free setup lists, use the 2nd tab on the main menu, “Subscriber Section,” but first read the following explanation.  

If access is free, why do you have to place an order?
       We want to know if our reports are helpful.  Suppose we did not ask people to sign up for a password.  Then the people using our reports might be different every day, and we would have no clue as to whether anybody found the information useful or worthwhile.  When a person asks for a new password quarter after quarter, we know that that person must value the reports.  That fact constitutes a vote in favor of us continuing to create the reports.  Without passwords, we would not know if it is really worth the time and resources it takes to make the lists.  We would not know if anybody returned for a second look.  Furthermore, if people do not think the reports have enough value to ask for access, even when the reports are free, then we will know it is time to stop creating the reports.  Requiring a password, and changing it quarterly, gives us information about whether or not people find the lists useful, and whether or not their interest in them is ongoing.
       Fresh lists are posted weekly (usually on Saturday morning but sometimes on Friday, after the market closes).  Because patterns evolve and “trigger events” occur at different times, you should find it beneficial to review the reports daily.  As setups evolve, you should be looking for the “trigger events” that signal it is time to act.  you should always wait for the “trigger event” before taking action.  For information on “trigger events,” see Item #13 on the “Q & A” page.  We think these lists, taken together, will provide many interesting stock candidates until the next set of lists is generated.  Some stocks will be on more than one list.
       StopsXL, also referred to as simply Stops, must be ordered separately.  We want to know how useful the new version of the calculator is to users, so we require a different password for it.  Otherwise, we would have no accurate record of how many people really find it helpful (as opposed to people who do not really have more than casual curiosity about it, and who click on its link simply because they can).