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Resource Link Procedures & Policies


The Procedure
     We want to offer our visitors additional resources that complement this site’s content.  If your site has that kind of content, and you would like us to link to your site, follow this procedure.  1. Do not ask for a link until after you have reviewed our site and confirmed that its content is relevant to the content of your site.  2. If it is relevant, please begin the link exchange process by first adding a link from your site to this site using the information given below.  3. Notify us that you have created the link tro our site. 

We will review your site.  If your site’s content and the link you have created meet our requirements, we will create a link.  However, we tend to ignore requests that ignore any of the three steps in the above procedure.  Automated link requests fall under that category.          

Please post the following information on your site.

For our site URL use:

For our title or heading use:
Stock Disciplines

For our site description use:
Stock strategies, tutorials, volatility-based stop-losses, stock alerts, The Valuator, price and volume surges, breakouts, stock scanners, signals, pre-surge patterns, strongest 100 ETFs.