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How You Can Send Us Your Feedback

Send Us Your Feedback 

If you wish to send us your comments about any of our services, publications, or our Stops tool, we would like to hear from you.  If you are willing to send a photo, that would be even better (a digital image is preferred but any photo will do).  The photo does not have to be formal.  Any snapshot will be appreciated.  Be sure that with your comment you add the following statement.

These are true and honest comments about my own experience with __________.  I hereby give you permission to publish my comments and picture.  I understand and agree that I will not receive any compensation from Stock Disciplines, LLC or from any of its employees, or members.
Date ___________.

Unless, you request that your full name be used, we will use some combination of your initials (you may also specify the initials you want us to use).

If you can send us a photo, E-mail your comments with the photo as an attachment to: 

So we’ll know it’s not spam, enter the word “Testimony” for the subject.

If you do not have a photo to send, contact us through the e-mail function of the “Contact Us” page. 

Thank you.

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