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     The chart below may take a few seconds to load (if the chart does not load, it is probably because you are using an older browser).  Move your mouse over the price bars in order to display prices, volume, averages, and so on.   Click on the scale and drag it up or down to adjust the height of the chart.  Clicking on “StockDisciplines.com” in the lower left corner of the chart will take you to 6 indicator charts on the Stock Market Review page. 
     We use the BATS system for quotes because the BATS exchanges don’t charge us a fee for the data. Because they give us free access to the data, it doesn’t cost you anything either. BATS is the third largest U.S. stock exchange operator.

[BATS symbols for major benchmarks: SPX=S&P500, DJI=Dow, NDAQ-Nasdaq, BATS gives volume data for the Nasdaq]
The chart loads easily with late versions of Chrome, Iron, Safari, and Opera.  With Firefox, if the
chart does not open, right click on it and select “This Frame” then “Show Only This Frame”]



The above chart was created and provided by Tradingview