Contact Us

Contact Us

You can contact us by phone or by E-mail.  For nearly all purposes, use the first of the following two E-mail addresses.  This is the address that we prefer people use for most messages, including messages or questions about our services, subscriptions, access, or the Website.  Our response to messages sent using this address is faster.  This is the address that we prefer people use for high-security, regulatory, or legal transmissions. If you send E-mail using this address, please use to send us a notice saying there is a message for us in the “Secure Mail” in-box.

High-security transmissions terminate at a location other than the desk of the person who responds to most E-mails. The routing system could be modified so that all messages go directly to the desk of that person, but we prefer to keep the end point of high-security messages restricted to its current location. Generally, we do not access that in-box unless we have a notice stating that we have mail there for us.  You may use the high-security E-mail address if that is your preference, but if you do, please use our other E-mail address to send us a notice confirming that you have sent us a high-security message.  So we will know that your note is not just SPAM, please use the words “See Security Box 99” in the subject or in the body of your message.  Response time will be slower for high-security messages.

Communicate by Phone

       We will be glad to answer questions.  However, we do not accept collect calls or give transaction advice.  Please read the following before you call.

There have been so many calls from scammers and telemarketers that they have become a time consuming distraction.  Therefore, we sometimes mute the ringer, but will turn it on if we expect a call from a real visitor, a subscriber, or anybody who has an interest in subscribing.  Simply send us an email and let us know that you want to talk with someone.  Read the following information about the best times to call and let us know when you want to call.  We will turn the ringer on for your call.  We will be glad to discuss issues, problems, or answer questions.

       The best times to call and talk to somebody tend to be in the morning (between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Pacific).  You may also send an Email to ask us for a good time to call.  For example, “I would like to talk to someone today or tomorrow.  What would be a good time to call?”  
       If we did not require a preliminary email requesting a phone conversation, people
could call at inconvenient times.  Being interrupted by a phone call when we are trying to make a trade is not just inconvenient.  It can also be very expensive for us.   Therefore, if you cannot schedule a call between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Pacific time,  we prefer that questions be asked by email.  Email contacts enable us to control the timing of our response.  Also, we have found that phone calls between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific time can cause a significant delay in the updating of this site.   If you would like to talk with someone, do NOT let this procedure hinder you.  Please schedule a call.

Phone:  714-966-1400