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Products & Prices

The Valuator
Is a stock “low and rising,” overpriced and falling,” or is it at one of the other six points we identify in a stock’s cycle as it swings between being overpriced and underpriced and back again?  The Valuator has an indicator for that.  We use statistics and the mathematics of probability to compute probable high levels and probable low levels, as well as flag stocks that are rising and that have a “Center of Gravity” price at least 10% higher.  We include the latest “buy” and “sell” signals generated by Donchian’s system.  We create custom models for each stock tracked, because the market values $1 in earnings differently for a candlestick maker than for a biotech company.  Click here to view a sample portion of this monthly publication.  More Info  >>

Stock Alerts
This is a resource for more active traders/investors who like to build “watch lists” of stocks that appear to be ready or nearly ready for a price surge. This publication scans thousands of stocks  and generates lists of stocks that have generated any of six bullish and five bearish “setup” alerts. These setups often occur at the beginning of a new trend or price surge. Click on “More info” to get details.  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>

R.C. Allen Alerts
R.C. Allen’s 4x9x18 moving average crossover system has been used successfully by thousands of traders for many years. We provide lists of stocks that have generated alerts according to this system and we provide some additional screening tools that can help in the stock selection process. Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>  

Strongest ETFs
The strongest 100 ETFs are listed in rank order. When we say a stock or ETF is “strong,” we are referring to strength that goes far beyond that measured by the Relative Strength Index (RSI), a mathematical tool popular with traders. Stocks with high RSI can have lousy chart patterns. Our algorithms, on the other hand, find ETFs that have both recent strength AND the strongest chart patterns. Use the “Strongest Stocks” link (left side of your screen) to see charts illustrating the difference.  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >> 

ETF Alerts
This ETF Alert generator is a dual moving average crossover system that generates alerts when the shorter moving average crosses the longer moving average. It gives alerts for five different moving average crossover systems. We also provide a filtering mechanism that may be used to reduce the probability of being “whipsawed.” It is believed that dual moving average crossover systems give more reliable alerts than systems using only closing price crossovers.  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>

Strongest Stocks
There is a big difference between a stock that has been strong for a few days and one that has a very strong chart pattern. The RSI finds the former and our strength rank algorithm finds the latter. Traders like to find a stock in a strong trend and buy it on a pullback for a relatively low-risk entry point. Our “Strongest Stocks” subscription lists 90 top-ranked “Runners.”  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>

Should be available by 4/8 We scan thousands of stocks to find breakouts, price reversals, and stocks that are surging in price. These patterns are very attractive to traders because they are the signs of a new influx of interest. The patterns also are precursors to further upside price movement or a new positive trend. This list is generated by a much more sophisticated algorithm than the free one on the “Surges” page. It is looking for much more significant pattern changes.  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>

Find stocks that are just beginning a new trend. The Stock-Scanner scans thousands of stocks using 6 different moving average crossover systems, looking for crossover events in either direction. It generates an alert for each crossover, names the stock and gives its symbol, identifies the system that generated the alert, identifies the direction of the crossover, gives price surge information, volume surge information, and reduces “whipsaw” events.  This scanner also includes the R.C. Allen triple moving average system, but the lists generated here by this system are abbreviated compared to those provided by the R.C. Allen subscription.  Weekly reports are provided.   
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The “HotStocks” algorithm finds stocks that are currently rising very aggressively.  Those who are interested in hitching a ride on a locomotive will find these stocks interesting.  There will be some stocks on the list that have recently pulled back, but those are usually relatively few in number.  Metaphorically, stocks on the list might be described as “bulls on steroids.”  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>

With this subscription, a person gets access to information generated by all our scanners. Access to The Valuator is also included.  Weekly reports are provided.   More Info  >>

This calculator will compute an ATR stop loss based on the user’s preferences and Wilder’s original formulas.  The user can choose the 5-day, 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day Average True Range (ATR), stops can be calculated in reference to the High, Low, or close, and you can use a multiplier of choice.  No historical price data entry is necessary.  Click the link for more detail.  This calculator can also use standard deviations to calculate a stop loss.  Weekly reports are provided.  More Info  >>

The return for the year for an Index like the S&P 500 is the result of the pluses and minuses contributed to the Index by each of the stocks in it.  An index return of 10% could theoretically be the result of each of the 500 stocks rising 10% for the year.  However, it is much more likely that some of those stocks declined, canceling out the performance of some of the stocks that rose.  What would the return be if a person invested only in the strongest 10% and never had anything else in his portfolio, if he focused only on the strongest 50 and ignored the other 450?  The Kiss strategy is based on approximately 500 stocks tracked by The Valuator.  
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