DIA Charts


We sometimes substitute the DIA (Dow Diamonds) for the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average).  The DIA invests in all the stocks of the Dow, weighting each as weighted in the DJIA.  If it has the same stocks weighted the same way, why use the DIA? Waiting for DJIA data to arrive so it can be used in calculating several of our indicators (Chande, Chaikin, etc.) has been the main cause of delays in updating this site, even though data we need for charting the Dow comes in quickly enough.  So, we use the DIA in calculating data for the indicators that need the data and the DJIA for the charts. 

This is the DJIA


This is the DIA

This is the 5-minute Interval Chart of the DJIA
(Note the absence of volume data)

Interval DJIA

This is the 5-minute Interval Chart of the DIA
(Note the presence of volume data)

DIA Interval