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The “Home” Link & Menus

Our Header-Logo No Longer Links To “Home”
       Most sites make their logo-header visible at all times, so it makes sense to link it to the “Home” page so visitors can have a convenient way of getting to that page from any location.  However, to maximize the viewing area for those who have small screens, we let our logo move off the top of the screen when a person scrolls down the page.  That means it can at times be inconvenient to click on it as a way of navigating to the “Home” page.  It makes sense, therefore, to place the “Home” link where it will always be visible.  Accordingly, we have provided a small link labeled “Home” on the left edge of the screen, where it does not intrude on the viewing area, and it is always visible, regardless of where a person is on the site.  That location is just as convenient as the logo-header would be if it always remained in view, so it works well for everybody, whether they have a small screen or large screen.
       The vertical menu on the left of the screen is visible on computers, but to make more room for content, it vanishes for those with small viewing areas (we have another menu for those people).  For larger screens, the vertical menu does not disappear or require re-activating when you move from page to page. It is always there, and always unobtrusive.  The number of items listed makes it too long to always be in full view while a person scrolls (the bottom part of the menu would never come into view), so it will move out of sight as a person scrolls down the page.  Note:  This menu served us well for 15 years as our only menu. 
       We said that the vertical menu disappears on small screens, but that we provide an alternative to that menu.  The blue “SD Menu” link at the top right of every page accesses the same menu, except that  it is arranged a little differently.  It is arranged in four columns rather than one, so it is not necessary to scroll down to find any item.  The “SD Menu” is always visible, even when the left vertical menu is not. [The “SD” stands for StockDisciplines] The items on this menu are numbered for easy reference. If we want to direct a person to an item, we can refer to it by its number. Likewise, if you find a problem, a non-functioning link, or have a question regarding one of the pages on the menu, you can direct us there by reference to its number on the menu.  Like the vertical menu on the left, it consists of key pages that can take a person to the rest of the Website. For example, all the articles/tutorials can easily be reached by clicking on “Free Tutorials.”  This menu link is always in the upper right corner of your screen.
       At the bottom of each of these menus is a “Big Menu” link.  This is a menu that lists all pages that are available on the Website, arranged alphabetically, without any attempt on our part to place the pages in their appropriate context.  For example, the vertical menu and the “SD Menu” on the right, do not list the “Center of Gravity” page, a page referred to in the discussion of The Valuator, the only place on the site where the term has relevance.  However, those menus do list The Valuator, and on that page there is a link to “Center of Gravity” where more information on that subject is provided.  Therefore, using those menus, you will be introduced to the concept of “Center of Gravity” in its context.  However, if you click on “Center of Gravity” in the “Big Menu” you will get that page without its context.  You will get it in context only if you click on The Valuator first.  Some of the pages listed on the “Big Menu” require a password for access.  Also, the “Big Menu” does not give full titles for the tutorials.  However, using this menu, you can see the full titles if you go to “Free Tutorials” first and access them there.