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The Menus

        The blue “SD Menu 123” link at the top right of every page will take you to the menu we have used for 15 years.  The “SD” stands for StockDisciplines.  The “123” reminds that it is a numbered menu for easy reference.  If we want to direct a person to an item, we can refer to it by its number, and vice versa.  Before we moved our site, the menu was configured as a single column without numbering, and people had to scroll down to find items at the bottom of the menu.  It is now arranged in four columns, so it is not necessary to scroll down to find any item. The menu consists of key pages that can take a person to the rest of the Website.  It provides an organized way of browsing the site.  Landing page links will take you to other relevant pages.  For example, all the articles/tutorials can easily be reached by clicking on “Free Tutorials.” 
       This menu link will stay with you as you scroll down the page.  The other “Menu 123” link (on all pages but the “Home” page) stays put as you scroll down the page.  Eventually, those may be removed, but we are keeping them for now just in case they are needed after the new host for the site implements some changes that are currently under development.

       The *black box menu with the three white horizontal lines has most published pages listed.  However, it does not provide the context for many items.  For example, the title “Center of Gravity” comes up naturally in the discussion of The Valuator, where the “Center of Gravity” is used.  The page where The Valuator and its use of the “Center of Gravity” are discussed has a link that takes you to the additional information that is on the “Center of Gravity” page.  The “SD Menu 123” does not list the “Center of Gravity” page directly, but the page comes up in its context when you go to the page discussing The Valuator, a page that is listed in “SD Menu 123.”  You may get there the same way with the black box menu if you click on The Valuator first.  However, that is not how most people will visit the page.  They are most likely to simply click on “Center of Gravity,” missing the context for that page.  Many of the pages listed on this menu have a context.  Clicking on those pages means that the context will be missing.  However, the black box menu does have its own attractions, and for that reason, we provide it. 
       *[What we call the “black box menu” is often referred to as a “hamburger menu” because of the three horizontal lines]