Menu Information


The Two Menus

        The menu on the left of every page is the menu we used for 15 years at our original location. Its advantage is that it does not cover current content when used. Also, when you move from page to page, it does not disappear.  It is always there, always visible, and always unobtrusive.
       The blue “SD Menu 123” link at the top right of every page accesses the same menu arranged differently. The “SD” stands for StockDisciplines. The “123” is a reminder that it is a numbered menu for easy reference. If we want to direct a person to an item, we can refer to it by its number, and vice versa. This menu is arranged in four short columns, so it is not necessary to scroll down to find any item. Like the menu on the left, it consists of key pages that can take a person to the rest of the Website. Both menus provide an organized way of browsing the site. Landing page links will take you to other relevant pages. For example, all the articles/tutorials can easily be reached by clicking on “Free Tutorials.”
       However, unlike the menu on the left of the screen, this menu link will keep pace with you as you scroll down the page. It is always in the upper right corner of your screen.  It replaces current content when activated and is replaced by your landing page when you click on a link.