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The Valuator has been changed.   For over 30 years, we have based our valuation models on traditional fundamental data.  For example, analysts have based their stock valuations on earnings, cash flow, sales volume, etc.  They have used either data from the year just completed or made estimates for the year ahead.  Because data of the past year is obsolete with little bearing on what is happening now, and because analysts have been very inaccurate when looking ahead a full year, The Valuator has combined data from the past 6 months with analyst projections for the next 6 months as a basis for computing PE ratios, PEG ratios, etc.  However, analysts update their reports quarterly, and things can change between those reports.

Therefore, we have shifted our price targets from being based on analyst reports to being based on statistics and the mathematics of probability, though we still provide some analyst-based data as well.  We believe that price targets based on these mathematical considerations will be reached much more quickly, and that the targets will be more accurate and timely than those of traditional analysts, as well as more reliable.  We would like your feedback on this.

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