Stops Development

Stops Development

We have discovered that piracy is rampant on the Internet. Our articles have been stolen by other Websites that remove from our articles everything that identified us as the source and then claim authorship for themselves. They have also removed any links to our Website. This is occurring on a fairly large scale. We concluded therefore, that if we were to create software, we would have to go to extreme measures to prevent piracy.  We used encryption, activation codes, making the program workable only on authorized remote computers, and prevented duplication.  After trying all these measures, we arrived at a bullet proof solution.

We solved the security problem by removing from Stops our proprietary algorithms and procedures.  Now, although Stops does not include our proprietary algorithms and procedures, it does include the data those algorithms generate. 

Key Points
1.  There is within Stops all the data needed to generate stop losses for virtually any stock traded on any U.S. exchange.  We generate new data daily, transfer it to Stops, and provide these updated copies of Stops on a daily basis.  The updates occur when we update the data for all subscribers after the close of market.  Conventional stop loss calculators require that the user enter Open, High, Low, and Closing prices every day.  Doing this every day for all the stocks in a portfolio can be a time-consuming chore.  Now, the user of Stops does not have to do any of that, because the user gets fresh data automatically on thousands of stocks when he downloads Stops.  There may be a few expensive programs out there that will download the data rather than requiring manual data entry.  However, we believe that downloading Stops will take less time than those programs would require to download data.  For an example, try downloading the sample copy of Stops.  We found that the Download took us approximately 4.99 seconds.  The time will vary, depending on the configuration of your system, but the download time is very quick. 

2.  The management of a list of stocks that will be tracked by the calculator is eliminated, because it is not even necessary for the user to add stocks to or delete them from a list for tracking purposes.  Virtually all stocks traded on a U.S. exchange are included in each copy of Stops, and the data on each is current.  The user can either scroll down the list of stocks or he can simply enter the symbol of the one for which he wants the data.

3.  There is no need for the user to commit to, and pay for, six months or a year in advance. The subscriber can pay on a monthly basis and cancel at any time. 

4.  Stops will show stop loss placement relative to the high, low, or close, and the user can apply a virtually unlimited range of weightings to the volatility measurement.

5.  Stops can calculate for long or short positions.

6.  Stops can calculate Fibonacci retracement levels and pivot point supports and resistances.

7.  We no longer tie Stops to a single computer of the user. If the user has two computers, he can use Stops on either or both.  Stops can be used on any computer that has Excel 2003 (or later) installed on it. 

Thus, Stops is now a subscription service for which the user pays a monthly fee just as subscribers do for any of our other subscriptions.  A person can cancel at any time. When an individual cancels a subscription, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current paid-for period, and the subscriber will have access until then. There is more information about this on our “Refunds & Policies” page.