Why we have discontinued some subscription services

We created this Website in 2005.  Until 5/3/22 we charged a fee for all our subscription services.  They were very popular and people repeatedly renewed their subscriptions.  As we approached retirement, we decided to stop charging (on 5/8/22).  We felt that we could do something that would be a blessing to others, something that would enable them to time their investments better, reduce risk, and increase profitability.  However, when we stopped charging and provided our subscriptions free of charge, the number of subscribers plunged.  We concluded that either people thought a subscription could not have any value if it is offered free of charge, or they thought there was some trick or scam in our offer because it made no sense that somebody would give something that was worthwhile without demanding a fee.  We had previously provided eleven different subscriptions, including lists of stocks that were in a variety of “setup” configurations, The Valuator,  and Stops (a stop loss calculator).  Because it took resources and considerable time on our part to provide the lists, we decided that the lack of subscribers did not warrant continuing to offer our subscriptions free.  If the number of subscribers had not plunged so much when people no longer had to pay, we would have continued to offer them.  However, because the number of subscribers declined so much when we provided the information without charge, we have stopped providing Stops and the lists of stocks in setup configurations.  We have no intention of charging again, because it is getting late in the game for us.  Instead, we are now offering only subscriptions to The Valuator.  By using that publication, subscribers can create some of the lists we previously provided.  A “setup” is a configuration that usually occurs just before a price surge.  You can see examples of “Setups” by going to the “Stock Alerts” page of our Website.  The price surge usually occurs within two weeks of the “trigger event.”  All this had been explained on the Website, but we have learned that people rarely explore a Website.  They see a link on another site, click on it, land on the targeted page, then leave without looking around to see what else is there.