Valuator Videos

Valuator Videos

Your Guide to Disciplined Investing

The following video was made in 2013 at our original Website.  After 15 years with our previous Website host, we moved our site to this new host.  The old host was going out of the hosting business.  We had to move quickly to avoid losing all our content, and we could not do an electronic transfer.  The new site has some new features and currently lacks some of the features seen in the video, but some of those may eventually be restored.  We are still working on the re-creation of our site.     

The video may not be viewable on some Mac machines, but we have been assured by apple representatives that apps can be added to Apple equipment that would enable them to play the video.  The video is not perfect (the length causes occasional distortions that can easily be ignored), and there have been some changes in our site, but we believe there is information here that will be helpful.  The video takes time to load (about 3½ minutes), so please be patient.  The video will not play automatically.  You have to click on it when it has fully loaded.

When the video ends, click once on the “x” in the top right corner of the screen.  

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Otherwise, use the menu.

If you cannot play the videos, you may need to install Silverlight on your system.  It is compatible with a variety of browsers.  The home page for Silverlight is at

Please give the videos a little time to load.  Since they are long,
it may take several minutes to load them.  Please be patient. 

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